Does your business need to upgrade its phone system?  Has your business experienced a growth spurt and now needs additional extensions?  Or perhaps you need to take business calls on your personal device without giving out your personal phone number? 

Modern professional office phone systems offer advanced features and flexibility for your staff.  Whether your company has 2 employees or 2,000, Allegiance Business Solutions can design, implement and maintain a custom VoIP Phone solution tailored to the needs of your business.

Multiple Extensions

One phone number can be split to multiple extensions.  And extensions can belong to one or more ring groups.

Advanced Voicemail

Voicemails can be easily shared with coworkers, or sent to your email as an attached .WAV file.

Call Attendants

Incorporate audio menus and call routing methods to get your callers to the right person every time.

Accessory Support

Our VoIP phones support accessories such as hands-free headsets and additional extension button modules.

Mobile App Support

Take business calls on your laptop or mobile phone without giving out your personal number with dedicated apps.

Flexible Call Options

Easily initiate conference calls, use speakerphone, intercom or transfer calls with a single button press.

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