Determining Optimal Viewing Distance

Determining Optimal Viewing Distance

Have you ever bought a new TV, only to find out that it was too small or too big for your viewing space?  Or maybe you have a room in your home and you want to know what size TV you should get for the space.  If you want an easy way to calculate the optimal viewing distance from your TV, look no further than this handy tool by Omni Calculator.

Optimal TV Viewing Distance Calculator

For the home theater enthusiast, figuring out screen placement and optimal viewing distance is crucial to maximizing the enjoyment of your investment.  You spent good money on a good device and want to enjoy the best picture quality possible.  This tool may help you estimate how far you should place seating from the screen.

All you have to do is type in your screen size and select the screen resolution from the drop down list.  Your optimal and minimal viewing distances are instantly calculated and displayed.  It’s just as easy as that!

But what if you don’t know what your screen size or resolution is?  You can gather that information from a variety of places.  Your TV might have a sticker on it, or if you still have the original box or instruction manual, it might be listed there.  And of course, you could look up the TV model online.  Sometimes, the model number itself will give you a clue to its screen size and/or resolution.  If you are interested in learning the secrets to decoding TV model numbers, check out this article posted by PC Magazine.

How to measure TV screen size

The size of a screen is the length of its diagonal measurement.  If you were to draw and measure an imaginary line from a bottom corner to the opposite upper corner, you would discover the screen’s size.  Screen size is always expressed in inches. For example, a 32″ screen has a diagonal length of 32″. If it has a regular aspect ratio of 16:9, then the sides of this screen are 27.9″ and 15.7″, respectively.  You can check our math with Omni Calculator’s Pythagorean theorem calculator.

A 32" TV screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
A 32″ TV screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Naturally, the longer the diagonal measurement, the larger the screen. But does bigger mean better when talking about TVs?  Not necessarily!  To determine which TVs are the best, we also have to take into account screen resolution.


So what does TV resolution actually refer to?

By now, you may have seen or heard of marketing terms such as “HD” or “4K” used to describe the features of TV model.  These terms are often used in describing screen resolution – or rather, the number of pixels on the screen.  A pixel is the smallest “dot” on the screen can accurately display color information. If you look really closely at your TV, you will discover that the lines are a bit jagged because they actually consist of tiny squares.  What you are seeing are individual pixels of the screen.

Screen resolution is a measurement of the number of horizontal pixels times the number of vertical pixels along the edge of the screen.  A screen is really just a grid of tiny pixels, similar to the multiplication tables they used to teach students in elementary school.  Screen resolutions are typically denoted by the number of horizontal pixels across the edge of the screen.  Typical screen sizes are defined in the table below.


  • 480p – 720 pixels by 480 pixels
  • 720p – 1280 pixels by 720 pixels
  • 1080p or HD– 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels
  • Ultra HD – 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels
  • 4K – 4096 pixels by 2160 pixels
  • 8K – 7680 pixels by 4320 pixels

It is important to note that screen resolution has nothing to do with screen size.  There are 70-inch televisions with 4K resolution monitors as well as smartphones outfitted with 4K resolution screens.  So those high-end smartphones have screens with very tiny pixels, while the pixels on a 70-inch screen are much bigger.  The Jumbotron screen installed at the Dallas Cowboys‘ AT&T Stadium, measures 160 feet wide by 72 feet tall (49 m x 22 m), made to display HD resolution video viewable from the stands, has pixels that are roughly 1 inch wide!


Calculating the ideal TV distance

If you want to calculate the optimal distance between you and the TV, you should know that a typical viewing angle θ lies in the range between 30° and 40°, as depicted in the image below.

Viewing angle when watching TV.
Viewing angle when watching TV.

Armed with this knowledge, you can start setting up a room and the furniture within it to take advantage of optimal viewing distance.  Although optimal viewing distances can be quickly estimated, there is a science to it all, which involves some pretty involved trigonometry.  If you really want to learn the math and science behind proper viewing distance, read the full article by Omni Calculator.  Or you can just use the calculator at the beginning of this article and save yourself a bunch of time.

Or just ask the professionals!

Our installation technicians are experienced in mounting TVs and optimizing viewing distances in all kinds of room sizes.  Whether you just need a single TV mounted to a wall or want to design a home theater in a bonus room, contact us to learn about all the ways we can help you.  Headquartered in Pembroke, GA, we service Savannah, GA and the surrounding areas, including Skidaway IslandTybee IslandStatesboroPoolerRichmond Hill and Hilton Head SC, we install technology for both business and residential customers.


Enhancing Outdoor Spaces with Smart Home Technology

Enhancing Outdoor Spaces with Smart Home Technology

Are you looking for ways to enhance your outdoor living space?  As we are finishing up another smart home project for one of our clients, we wanted to show some examples of our work and some ways that you can upgrade your outdoor space with smart home technology.  Our client has graciously allowed us to take some pictures and video of their beautiful 3 story home in Downtown Savannah.

Possibly the most breathtaking aspect of this home is actually outside the structure itself.  This house was designed with amazing use of its outdoor spaces, including a private courtyard and a rooftop area, granting its owners and guests a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Starting with the rooftop area, there is a 50-inch LG flatscreen television that had been weatherproofed by Sealoc.  The proprietary weatherization process can take an off the shelf television and shield the internal electronics from weather, adverse elements and corrosive environments, increasing the television’s lifespan and usefulness.  Although you can’t really tell from the video above, the television is comfortably viewable in partial sunlight.  However, on the bright sunny day that we recorded this video, the onscreen images were a bit hard to see, especially with the glare.  In those instances, the owners have a retractable sunshade that completely covers the television viewing area.

Most of the smart lighting, as well as the outdoor speaker system has been seamlessly integrated in and around the rooftop vegetation.  This keeps the rooftop area beautiful without being visually cluttered with unnecessary technology.  The outdoor speaker system is integrated into the rest of the whole home audio via Control4, so the family and guests can comfortably listen to the television or enjoy the music that is being piped all throughout the house.

The downstairs courtyard area, as well as the entire home itself, is monitored by security cameras that discreetly blend into the environment.  Every entryway and window is protected by alarm sensors.  The entire security system, including the camera feeds, smoke, fire and entry alarms are all integrated and controllable by the Control4 panels installed throughout the home.

The courtyard features smart lighting and outdoor speakers, discreetly nestled amongst the trees and bushes of this picturesque garden.  Just like the rooftop area, every aspect of this outdoor system is controllable and integrated into the rest of the home.  Even the water fountain control is integrated can be turned on and off with a simple click of a button.  This courtyard garden this exudes classic old Savannah charm while providing state of the art safety and enjoyment for its owners and guests.

If you have an outdoor area that is in need of a smart home upgrade, connect with one of our professional installation consultants at Allegiance Technology Solutions.  We love to take our client’s vision and make it reality.  We are always researching the newest technology advances and we will be able to intelligently suggest the best components to build the smart home system of your dreams.


Outdoor TV in-ceiling motorized lift installation

Outdoor TV in-ceiling motorized lift installation

One of our clients, Adrian Savoie, has graciously allowed us to take pictures and video of our work at his residence on Modena Island, Ga.  Along with setting up home automation across this entire property, Adrian had a vision for the ultimate outdoor entertainment setup.  He wanted to have an outdoor TV, but requested to have that television mounted in the ceiling on a motorized swivel lift that could turn different directions and be tucked away safely when not in use.  Challenge accepted!

This motorized television was going to be installed in the covered porch section of the pool house.  As the outdoor TV could potentially be exposed to the elements, we suggested a weatherized 55-inch model from Samsung.  Designed specifically for outdoor use, the screen is intentionally brighter and completely viewable in partial sunlight.  This model is also dust proof and waterproof, increasing the longevity of this investment.

Outdoor TV in-ceiling motorized lift installation  Outdoor TV in-ceiling motorized lift installation  Outdoor TV in-ceiling motorized lift installation

We were contacted by the client during the construction phase of this project.  This allowed us to start the engineering and design of the Nexus21 ceiling mounted swivel and lift system while the pool house was in the stud stage of construction.  Although we are equally experienced in retrofitting installations in existing structures, it is nice to be able to install this kind of seamless technology without having to worry about drywall, paint or fixtures.

Indoor Tv mounted on textured wall technician performing maintenance on the AV rack

Inside the pool house, we mounted a 75-inch LG television to a textured wall.  In-ceiling speakers we installed inside and out, and all audio and video was routed to a distribution amplifier.  This setup allowed the flexibility to watch either the same or different shows on the two televisions, with the audio playing along with the respective video screens.

Every interaction with the system is designed with as few button presses as possible.  This keeps the system functional while being easy to use for the client.  All in all, the client was very satisfied with the final product, allowing him and his family to be “on vacation” when they are home.

If you are interested in an installation like this at your home, contact us and one of our professional consultants will help you build the system of your dreams.


Why You Need a Halo Remote by Control4

Why You Need a Halo Remote by Control4

If you are a home theater enthusiast and you are looking for the ultimate smart remote, look no further than the Halo Remote family of devices by Control4. Sporting a stylish design, this touchscreen remote gives you all the features you want in a streamlined, user-friendly device. The Halo Remote feels good in the hand, with a premium feel and weight, perfect for one-handed operation. The included base charges the remote when it is placed in the cradle, so you never have to worry about keeping batteries on hand.

The Halo Remote also has responsive, backlit buttons, perfectly sized and intuitively organized for touch-only navigation. If you are like me, you don’t want a bunch of unnecessary buttons making things complicated and confusing. Instead, this remote hides some functionality by presenting those buttons on the touchscreen portion of the remote when a particular function is activated. There is even a voice control button that activates Siri on Apple TV and Xfinity push-to-talk functionality.

The touchscreen is powered by a premium OLED screen, up to 3.2 inches diagonal depending on the model. The screen itself is nice and bright, featuring a nice eye-catching saturation to the colors. The touchscreen interface is customizable to your liking. And the best part, since this is a Control4 remote, not only can you control your televisions, sound bars and streaming boxes, you can control all of your connected smart home devices, including lighting, shades, thermostats and more.

The Halo Remote requires a Control4 smart home system to operate. If you already use a Control4 system, then this elegant remote can be easily integrated into your system. If you are looking to upgrade to a Control4 smart home system, contact us and take full control of your smart home with the most advanced smart remote on the market.

Allegiance Technology Solutions is a certified Control4 dealer, serving the greater Savannah, GA. We offer a variety of smart home solutions. Contact us today if you are interested in upgrading your living space with the latest in entertainment and automation technology.


Tybee Island New Construction Audio Video Project

Tybee Island New Construction Audio Video Project

Tybee Island is a popular vacation destination located just off the coast of Georgia, known for its sandy beaches and laid-back atmosphere. Recently, we had the opportunity to work on a new construction audio video project on the island, and we are excited to share the details with you.

Pre-wiring for a home theater system is an important step in the construction process. It ensures that all of the necessary cables and wiring are in place, so that the system can be easily installed once the home is complete. In this case, we installed pre-wiring for a 5.4.1 system, which includes five surround sound speakers, a subwoofer, and a center channel speaker. This setup provides an immersive and lifelike audio experience, perfect for movie nights or music listening.

Walls in, now we are getting somewhere!

The project included pre-wiring for a 5.4.1 home theater system, as well as 10 rooms of distributed audio and 9 televisions. We used TruAudio B23 speakers and an AudioControlMaestro X9 processor, along with Pantages G4 and Avalon G4 power amps, to create a top-of-the-line audio and video setup.

Front of AV rack, preinstall

In addition to the home theater system, we also installed distributed audio in 10 rooms of the home. This allows the homeowner to play music throughout the house, creating a cohesive and enjoyable audio experience no matter where they are. We used high-quality TruAudio B23 speakers, which deliver excellent sound quality and can be easily controlled via a central system.

Finally, we installed nine televisions throughout the home, ensuring that the homeowner can enjoy their favorite shows and movies from any room. We used the AudioControl Maestro X9 processor to manage the audio and video signals, and Pantages G4 and Avalon G4 power amps to amplify the sound. This setup provides a seamless and reliable audio and video experience, no matter what you’re watching.

Overall, we’re thrilled with the outcome of this Tybee Island new construction audio video project. The homeowner can now enjoy top-quality audio and video in every room of their home, and we’re confident that they’ll get many years of enjoyment out of their new system. If you are building a new home or just in the market for a new audio and video setup, we highly recommend considering pre-wiring to decrease installation costs.  If you have any questions, you can contact our professionals at Allegiance Technology Solutions and we will help you get setup with the home theater of your dreams.