How to remove spam calendar invitations from iPhone

How to remove spam calendar invitations from iPhone

Does your iPhone calendar have spam invites?

Hey iPhone users!  Have you recently had random calendar invitations mysteriously show up on your phone that you can’t get rid of?  Yeah, me too, and it is very annoying.  No matter what you try, you can’t seem remove them from your calendar.

Symptoms of a spammed calendar

These are the behaviors of the spam invites that I have recently encountered:

  • Several consecutive days on the calendar have repeating or reoccurring invitations with same name.
  • There is no Unsubscribe button for any of the spam invites.
  • Declining the spam invite appears to do nothing.
  • Long pressing on the spam invite in List View does not present a Delete button.
  • The web version of the calendar (, Gmail calendar, etc.) does not display the spam invites.
  • The original spam calendar invitation is difficult to find or may not exist at all in your email.

Where’s the fix?

If you’re like me, you have searched the internet multiple times for a solution.  Unfortunately, most of them don’t work anymore.  The reason why most of the solutions I found online don’t seem to work anymore is because spammers keep changing their methods and tactics.  They have to, to stay in “business”.

Well, I’ve figured out what you have to do to banish these pesky spam events off your phone.  This method works, at least for now.  There is no way to tell when this method will stop working.  Spammers are always coming up with more sophisticated ways to trick people.

Keep in mind, these instructions are for only for iPhone users using the built in Calendar app.  If you use a 3rd party calendar app, your mileage may vary.  Also, I am not an Android user.  Android phones may already have a way to easily remove spam invites.  For now, iPhone, does not.  In my particular situation, I am using an iPhone 15 running iOS 17.3.1.  I have a Gmail account and a Microsoft email address setup on my phone.  I am using the built-in Mail and Calendar apps that Apple provides.  The spam invitation ended up coming from my Microsoft account.

6 easy steps to remove spam calendar invitations

Follow these 6 easy steps to remove spam invitations from your iPhone Calendar app:

  1. Open the Calendar app and set it to List View.  Navigate to any of the spam calendar invites, but try to find the first one in the series if possible.
    iPhone Calendar spam invitation
  2. Open the spam invitation that you want to remove.  Press the Decline button at the bottom of the screen.
    iPhone Calendar spam invitation
  3. A pop-up window should appear.  Press Ok.  It will appear as if nothing has changed.
    iPhone Calendar spam invitation
  4. You should now be back in the List View.  Now long press the spam invitation.  A command menu will be presented.  Press the Cut button in the top left corner of the menu.  Again, it will appear as if nothing has changed.
    iPhone Calendar spam invitation
  5. Long press the spam invitation again.  A slightly different command menu will be presented.  This one will have a Delete button at the bottom of the menu.  Press the Delete button.
    iPhone Calendar spam invitation
  6. A pop-up window will display, asking to confirm that you indeed want to delete the event.  Press the only option we care about, Delete and Notify.
    iPhone Calendar spam invitation


And voila!  All the associated spam calendar invitations magically disappear from your calendar!  However, I wish we had the option to Delete without Notifying.  I’d rather not let the spammer to know I have figured out how to remove the spam, let alone supply the spammer with my email address.  If you are concerned about the spammer receiving your delete notification, you can temporarily turn off Wi-Fi and cellular data while you clean out your calendar.

Spammers are getting increasingly more sophisticated with their malware attacks.  Keep in mind that calendar cleaning methods that worked before, may not work later.  Hopefully Apple will update the built-in Calendar app to let us more easily remove spam calendar invitations.  Until then, stay safe out there, and don’t open any emails or invites you don’t expect or recognize.

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