Lock or unlock your home or business from anywhere in the world.

What is Access Control?

Access Control is a type of technology that identifies a user and conditionally grants access to a location.  Traditionally, access control technologies have been used to secure commercial and government buildings.  Advances in smart home technology have given the average person the ability to incorporate access control into their homes and rental properties.

How can Access Control be added to my home or business?

Allegiance Security Solutions can build a customized Access Control for your home or business.  With an Access Control system in place, you can unlock your doors remotely or give people conditional access, via a pin code, digital access card or biometric login.  We can build a system that will keep your home or business accessible while maintaining security and personal protection.  And if you choose, these access control technologies can be integrated into your alarm and camera systems, allowing you a secure way to unlock areas of your property for authorized guests.

Adding access control is a great way to enhance your rental property.  Talk with one of our technology experts today and discover how you can better protect your business, home and loved ones.    

8 Reasons You Need an Access Control System

1. Protects and secures your home and/or business.

2. Deters criminal activity.

3. Allow visitors and guests access to your property.

4. Keep deliveries and packages from being stolen.

5. Unlock your home if you forget or lose your keys.

7. Integrates well with other smart home technologies.

8. Keep track of who is on or near your property.

9. Gives you peace of mind.


What People Are Saying

I can only say that these guys are the absolute BEST!! Jonathan started handling our IT things/gadgets over 10+ years ago!! He was up to date on all the new & latest equipment which was amazing BUT way over our heads!! Luckily, I had him on speed dial & he would always answer or call back shortly after my HELP message!! Once Jesse joined the team, it became like 2 Jonathans!! These guys are the BEST, always on call & have now added another IT genius, Michael, to their team….met him today & very young BUT spot on!! GREAT asset to the team!!! You have ANY IT issues, want to add the latest & greatest techno gadgets…this is the group you want to handle EVERYTHING!!! From beginning to end. Go team Allegiance Technology Solutions! BEYOND AMAZING!!

Google Review

Excellent service. Jonathan and Jesse took over our home project half way through after the sad and untimely passsing of the original designer of the system. They did a fantastic job of understanding and completing the project. They quickly respond to any technical inquiries and have shown to be honest and responsible. We would recommend them without any hesitation.

Google Review

Outstanding service, friendly and knowledgeable staff and all at a very reasonable cost.

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