One of our clients, Adrian Savoie, has graciously allowed us to take pictures and video of our work at his residence on Modena Island, Ga.  Along with setting up home automation across this entire property, Adrian requested that we install a motorized shade system in the master bedroom that could be opened or closed with a button press, as well as integrated into home automation workflows.

Installing automated shades  Installing automated shades  Installing automated shades

Although Adrian’s bedroom has spectacular views of the marshlands around his home, there are times when he wants to darken the room to make it more comfortable for sleep.  Since his smart home system is built with Control4, the motorized shades needed to be compatible with the Control4 interface.  Our team selected Draper’s line of automated shades for the installation because of their variety of shade materials and colors, compatibility with Control4 and because Draper can manufacturer solutions to accommodate custom window sizes.


The master bedroom featured 5 large windows providing views of the surrounding marshland.  The client insisted on a single shade to cover all 5 windows, which ultimately gives the room an elevated touch of elegance and simplicity.  This required a custom shade measuring 184 inches.  The other windows in the room were able to use standard shade lengths.  Each automated shade is connected to the Control4 interface and programmed to work in concert with each other.

As you can see from the video above, watching this room transform from sleep mode to daylight mode in seconds is impressive!  The shades are also incorporated into home automation workflows and will close while the room lights turn on.

Installing automated shades increases the level of elegance of your living space.  If you are interested in installing automated shades in your home, contact us and one of our experienced install technicians will help you create the system of your dreams.